Drift Boat Instruction

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Drift Boat Instruction

Helfrich River Adventures really enjoys helping boaters learn about our local rivers and how best to handle their boats safely in the local conditions. All Drift Boat instruction takes place on the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers, specific location depends on the time allotted for the Drift Boat lesson and river conditions at the time of the session.

We always take the time prior to the lesson to assess your goals, current abilities, prior experience, type of Drift Boat and other equipment you use so we can maximize the time spent together on the river.


2 1/2 Hour Introductory Drift Boat Handling Lessons: $150 (Note: price is quoted for lesson in owners boat. A Helfrich River drift boat can be used instead of owners - starting at $200 for lesson)
4 Hour Custom Drift Boat Handling Lessons: $200

The Helfrich family spends more time on the water then any other family in the Northwest and we truly enjoy sharing our knowledge of the rivers and the ways to navigate them as safely as possible.

For more information about our Drift boat Instruction call toll free at 1-877-NW-GUIDE or go to our Contact Page using the subject Drift Boat Instruction.