Helfrich History

The Helfrich family has a rich heritage of guiding starting out 3 generations ago in 1923 with Prince Helfrich one of the original McKenzie River guides and often considered by many to be one of the pioneers of the modern river guiding industry.

Not only was Prince Helfrich a guide, but the modern version of the famous McKenzie River driftboat was in large part originally designed through the his efforts. Prince was driven by the desire for a better, more maneuverable yet stable boat that could not only take on the Northwest's biggest whitewater but also give you the ability to get into every nook and cranny where fish hide.

When it comes to guiding on Oregon Rivers, experience the difference over 80 years of family experience makes with Helfrich River Adventures.

Prince Helfrich running and old Square Ender.

Adam Helfrich training his sons Taylor & Carson to be the 4th generation Helfrich river guides!

Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter with Dean Helfrich on the Rogue River.